7 Yoga Poses for Long Lasting in Bed for Male

7 Yoga Poses for long lasting in bed for male
  • The yoga poses for long lasting in bed for male helps in improving the testosterone level and in turn the improved flow of blood.
  • Also, it helps in bringing a balanced life among men.
  • Now, why are we talking about the condition in men because to last long in bed it is the men who encounter with ED?
  • Impotence or weak erections is defined as erectile dysfunction or ED. 
  • Vidalista 20mg Tadalafilwhich is an oral dose can easily cure ED.
  • The intake will allow the proper flow of blood and hence strong erections.
  • But it often at times men do not help themselves to encounter with the right treatment.
  • There is a different treatment that comes with ED.
  • Depending upon the condition men can easily get in touch with any of those.
  • There are oral pills that say Tadalista 60 mg ensure to control the weak erections and while making them strong.
  • Many other treatment which can also ensure a better result.
  • Here you can easily focus on yoga practice as well which can easily give you commands.

Yoga Practice for Impotence Cure and Its Benefits

  • Erectile Dysfunction is affecting millions of men across the globe.
  • It is mainly the occurrence due to the poor and unhealthy lifestyle.
  • However, there are various practices as well to cure it.
  • It is easily treated with the Toptada
  • Being the oral dose it is mainly responsible for to flow of blood and ensures a healthy sexual life.
  • Although oral medication is always considered as the first-line treatment.
  • There are various strengths of an oral dose and so comes here Tadalista 20mg hence it helps in giving desired assistance for a strong sexual course.
  • Yet besides all of the medicines, there is one cure that can also assist men with ED.
  • It is therefore yoga comes into play.
  • However, the case where there is not much-advanced research on Yoga towards ED.
  • But it has been found to be effective in improving sexual performance and increasing the flow of blood.
  • There are daily and even weekly sessions that can be followed as per your routine.

Here comes the 7 yoga poses for lasting erections and to maintain sexual relationships.


  • The raised leg pose is defined by the Uttanapadasana yoga possess.
  • Here keep both of your hands close by the side and feet together.
  • Now breathe in deeply and raise both of your legs easily.
  • Try lifting your hand for about 30 degree right from the floor and advance your pose.
  • Now elevate the height and bring it to 60 degrees and finally take it back to 90 degrees. Be with the pose for 20 seconds.


  • You can in this yoga practice sit down on the floor and now stretch both of your legs.
  • Here you have to point your feet upward.
  • Raise your hands to the 90 degree positon.
  • Then breathe in and out and touch your knees by maintaining a defined position of your spine.
  • Hold your posture for 10 seconds.


  • Kumbhakasana is also known as the plank pose where you have to lie down on the ground with your stomach in contact with the floor.
  • Now place both of your hands on either side of your face, forehead and ears. Make sure to raise your feet’s and keeping them right upwards.
  • In this way the momentum can be easily maintained and get towards inhale and exhale.
  • By keeping the feet parallel to the floor in a plank workout try to remain in this posture for about 30-60 minutes.
  • The yoga pose will ensure to cure ED and relaxes you as well.


  • The bow pose where ED can easily get command to strong sexual part.
  • Here place both legs apart and allow your arms be by the side of your body.
  • By keeping your knees upward follow the practice to ensure that your body is relaxed.
  • This will assure you to help your erecting power and to increase flow of blood.
  • Now breathe in slowly and slowly raise your torse right from the ground.
  • Place your eyes to the upwards position for 30 seconds and keep continuing the practice.


  • The naukasana is known as the boat pose.
  • The particular pose can be done by lying down on the ground back facing forward.
  • By keeping arms to the side of your body follow inhaling and exhaling practice.
  • Raise your body to the upper body off the ground and by lifting both feet’s above.
  • Let your body to stay in the same position for about 5 minutes and make your problem to get cured.


  • Shavasana is also called the corpse posse and it needs to perform by lying down on the floor.
  • Now put your feet in the natural position and rest your arms.
  • Now breathe naturally and make your body feel heavy.
  • Here you can also tune in for some sounds and also bring back awareness of the body.
  • By this, you can easily allow your mind to let things go easily.
  • By following the yoga possess you can easily withstand strong erecting power.
  • In turn, you can easily fulfil your sexual course.


  • Different yoga poses for ED can easily help you to withstand strong erections.
  • Now in this case start the asana by standing following the mountain pose and putting your arms on your sides.
  • Now start bending your knees to 90 degrees and cross your feet’s.
  • Here you need to fix your gaze at a certain point and let your body relax.
  • Also, extend your arms and bend your elbows.
  • Wrap your arms and press your palm together.
  • The yoga pose will ensure your body gets relaxed and also improve the flow of blood.
  • When blood flow is increased then the generation of strong erections comes into place.
  • ED can easily be treated with the above-mentioned yoga pose.
  • It becomes way easier to get controlled with weak erections by turning them strong.

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