What happens when prolactin levels are high?

What is Prolactin and How Does It Work? The pituitary gland, placed close to the bottom of the mind, produces the hormone prolactin. Prolactin Levels stimulate the increase and improvement of the breasts, in addition to the manufacturing of milk after a child is born. Prolactin le is observed in tiny portions in each males’ […]

How does alcohol affect a woman sexually?

In the modern world, alcohol is a popular form of entertainment. The ability of alcohol to make sex better is among its benefits. Even though it may seem like an excellent idea to combine alcohol and sex, its effects need closer scrutiny. To understand the effects of sex and alcohol on individuals and to free […]

Proven Techniques to Darken Your Eyebrows

Eyebrow which makes you Beautiful One of the most common beauty concerns is eyebrows. The seemingly unimportant part of the body needs to be well maintained to look their best. Many people have light eyebrows. One of the main reasons for this is the constant threading and shaping of the eyebrows. The growth of eyebrow […]

Women Viagra: Everything That You Need To Know About This Drug

Some misknown facts about Viagra for Females Both males and females have different desires and preferences when it comes to mating and intimacy. Female Viagra(Sildenafil) is a drug that is often confuse to be the female form of Viagra, medicine men use to treat erectile dysfunction. The experts suggest that this name that is Women […]

Known Facts About Female Viagra

Viagra for Girls For incraese Libido When it comes to intimacy and mating; both men and women have different preferences and choices, “Female Viagra”. This drug has been confused as a female version of Viagra, a drug used for the treatment of male erectile dysfunction.  As per experts, the term “female Viagra” does not suit […]

Viagra For Women Approved By FDA

The first drug that hit the market as an effective treatment for female sexual dysfunction was Female Viagra. This FDA approved drug can help in treating women with a low sex drive. It came as a treatment for HSDD, hypoactive sexual desire disorder in women. One in ten women experiences HSDD at some point in […]