Tips OF Cure Erectile Dysfunction for Better Life

Tips OF Cure ED(Erectile Dysfunction) for Better Life - GV

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction(ED) is the inability to developing and sustaining an erection long enough to carry out sexual intercourse. Sometimes, the patient conjointly has low libido.

Some individuals might not contemplate it as a big matter, however actually it a matter of huge concern.

Erectile issues are signs of some serious health issue. The facts that erections occur due to blood rush into the penis, so the difficulty in getting an erection can indicate clogged arteries or heart disease.

However, cardiovascular problems are not the only cause of erectile dysfunction. Hormonal imbalances, inflammation, mineral deficiencies, bad lifestyle, stress can all be the reason for your problem.

Medical assistance is necessary to understand your condition. Some of the hidden causes of erectile dysfunction are:

Total Cholesterol

When the cholesterol levels in the blood rise, cholesterol starts to deposit on the walls of the arteries.

It forms a plaque that prevents the blood to flow adequately. As a result, the penis does not get enough blood supply and loses strength during an erection.

Having a normal waistline or BMI will not protect you from erectile problems. The key to your own healthy sex life is to maintain normal cholesterol levels in your body.


HDL is the smart cholesterin within the body. It helps to counter the ill effects of the dangerous cholesterol and in the cleansing of the liver. HDL minimizes the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Free Testosterone

Androgen levels within the body and male erectile dysfunction are very strongly related. Analysis reveals that men with a lower level of free testosterone are more seemingly to develop erectile dysfunction(ED). so as to enhance the extent of free androgen within the body you must eat foods rich in magnesium.


High-sensitivity C-Reactive Protein or hsCRP is released during full-body inflammation by the liver.

It can cause health issues like obesity and overexertion. Inflammation disrupts the correct flow of blood within the body. So, having a high level of CRP in the body can increase the risk of Erectile dysfunction.


Low levels of magnesium can also be the reason for erectile dysfunction. In addition, magnesium level is directly associated with the production of testosterone which is an essential sex hormone.

How to prevent erectile dysfunction?

Stay ahead of the curve

If you are still facing problems in developing, a firm erection even when your biomarker levels are all fine then you should consider changing your lifestyle. A few changes in your daily routine can help you regain your lost vigor.

Here are some of the tips to improve your overall health:

  1. Start walking: studies suggest that a daily walk of just 30 minutes can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction by 41%. Middle-aged men with extra kilos should opt for moderate exercise to fix their problems.
  2. Eat Right: if you increase the intake of good food, you can minimize the possibility of developing ED. It includes vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and fish.
  3. Pay attention to cardiovascular health: if you constantly see yourself complaining of high blood pressure, or your blood sugar levels and triglycerides levels are always high then you must visit the doctor. Cardiovascular health is closely related to erectile dysfunction(ED). A growing waistline can also be the reason for your condition. Try to lose some kilos to improve your health.
  4. Size does matter: men with wider waistline id more prone to erectile dysfunction than a man with a narrow waistline. If you are overweight, then losing a few kilos will really help you to minimize the symptoms of erectile dysfunction Excess body fat interferes with the internal secretion levels within the body.
  5. Move your muscles: if you want to get rid of erectile dysfunction then you must train the muscles of the pelvic floor. A strong pelvis enhances the erections making you last longer in the bed. Moreover, you should start a healthy lifestyle if you want to see sure results.
  6. Proper sleep: Improper sleeping pattern can even be the explanation for your downside. Sleep and androgenic hormones have an intricate relationship. Your body will produce testosterone in adequate quantity only when you give it a proper and much-deserved rest. The internal secretions in the body are controlled by an inner body clock which is affected by your sleeping patterns. Sticking to a proper sleeping pattern can minimize the risk of erectile dysfunction(ED).
  7. Quit Smoking: If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction then stopping smoking can be a great help for you. Smoking results in cardiovascular diseases, which is the most common cause of erectile dysfunction in men. Persistent smoking can clog the arteries and affect the blood supply to the penis. Even smokeless tobacco has the same impact as the regular one. If you are facing trouble in quitting smoking then you can consult a doctor who can help you in the process.
  8. Limit the intake of alcohol: Alcohol will cause temporary and permanent erectile dysfunction. The central nervous system releases a gas, nitric oxide that causes the erection in the penis. Heavy alcohol consumption affects the central nervous system and prevents it from producing nitric oxide sufficient for proper erection. The low production of nitric oxide translates into erectile dysfunction.
  9. Monitor your medication: ED can also occur as a side effect of some medication that you might be taking for some other health condition. Especially the medicines for health conditions like high blood pressure and depression. Some other medications like beta-blockers, antipsychotic drugs, cholesterol medications, chemotherapy, diuretics, and heart medication. However, you should not discontinue the medications on your own.
  10. Acupuncture to reduce erectile dysfunction:
    Acupuncture can benefit you if you have erectile dysfunction. It will relax your muscles and improve the overall blood circulation in your body.
  11. Medicine and Herbal remedies to fix erectile dysfunction: Many herbal remedies can help you to combat ED. However, you must consult an expert before using any herbs as it can cause problems. The two most effective remedies for erectile dysfunction are pomegranate juice and red ginseng. Ginseng increases the production of nitric oxide in the body, which improves the overall blood circulation. Pomegranate juice is an antioxidant that helps in preventing atherosclerosis. However, talk to your doctor before using these remedies as they can interfere with your medications. Sildenafil 100, Vidalista, Fildena, Kamagra is famous generic viagra to cure erectile dysfunction. Before taking it must consult with your doctor.

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