Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

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How to Grow Eyelashes?

Eyes are known to be the window to the soul and lashes are beautiful assets that accentuate the window to that soul. Having lashes on point can boost the appearance of a person. There are times when stray lashes fall on the cheeks of a person and that is when you realize the falling of your eyelashes. The most important question in all of this is if people can grow their lashes back.

Do Eyelashes Experience Regrowth?

Eyelashes are among the most vital part of the body. Their basic function is to guard the eyes against tiny particles such as dust and avoid infections or irritations, moisture, and debris. Most women value eyelashes as one of the ways to accentuate their beauty.

This is one of the reasons why women prefer their eyelashes thick, long lashes and they go to the extent of making use of several tools and makeup to get these attributes. When your eyelashes are on point, this can improve your appearance totally.

But have it at the back of your mind that eyelashes are hair and they are related to other hair that is found in other parts of your body. Like the hair on the scalp, they grow, fall out and grow back again.

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Why Do Eyelashes Fall?

Losing your eyelashes can sometimes be referred to as normal and it might not be a cause of concern as your hair grows back eventually. But when you notice that your hair falls out more frequently than you imagine is normal, then this is a time considered to see medical personnel.

There are many reasons why the eyelashes fall out: Illness, beauty trends, injuries or stress. While some are something that you should not concern yourself with, some might be serious and might need attention urgently. A few of the known cause of eyelash loss is:

Alopecia areata

This is an autoimmune disease that is able to cause loss of hair on several parts of the body. It creates when immunity cells damage the hair follicle, allowing the hair to fall out eventually.

This usually affects every hair in your body which includes scalp hair, eyelashes, beard, and eyebrows. There is presently no cure for this disease but can be treated using tropical

Thyroid problems

Both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism alter the hair follicle which also causes hair lashes to fall out.


This is a medical condition that influences the eyelids and also allows a loss of eyelashes. When your eyelids are undergoing inflammation, it becomes red and itchy.

This lash loss results in inflammation as it destroys the follicle of the hair. In most cases, this is because of consistent rubbing and itching that comes as a result of the itchy feeling that comes along with these conditions.

Skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, also result in eyelash loss as they cause itchy feeling or perception that makes people rub their eyes frequently.

Other causes might include aging, chemotherapy, results of medications, psychological stress such as trichotillomania, and other allergies to beauty products like mascara.

Does Eyelash Regenerate?

The answer is Positive, all the hairs in your body which include your eyelashes take a particular growth cycle that involves three phases:

The Anagen

This is the growth phase; this is the stage whereby your eyelashes are growing continuously lasting for a period of 30-45 days.

The Catagen

The hair growth pauses and the hair follicle begins to shrink. If during this period your eyelashes fall, it might not grow back right away.

The Telogen

This phase is known as the resting phase, which means that the follicle is completely in an inactive stage. In this stage, the hair falls off, and takes about 100 days or more to restore the lashes that got lost.

Do Eyelashes Regrow if Pulled Out?

Yes, like the normal eyelash loss, if it’s deliberately pulled out it will grow again. What is more important is that the hair follicle has not been completely damaged or destroyed, they will continuously grow back.

Nevertheless, have it at the back of your mind that frequently pulling out your eyelashes can cause damage to the follicle.

Therefore, if you are a patient of impulse-control disorder (also known as trichotillomania) and this involves an urge that can be resisted by removing your hair from your head to other parts of your body, seek the help of medical expertise.

What is the Duration For Your Hair to Be Restored?

Eyelashes regeneration could take about 7 days or more and it could even take several months as it varies from each individual.

This also depends on the range of harm to the follicle, when you frequently remove your eyelash and this result in any damage to your hair follicle, then the process of growing again might take quite some time.

And if there is total damage of your hair follicle due to constantly pulling off your eyelash, then your eyelash might not be able to grow again.

If Cut, Will It Be Restored?

Yes, there is no need to be bothered if you have mistakenly cut a little length of your eyelashes, they will absolutely grow back.

When Burnt, Will it Grow Back?

The answer can be yes or no. This also relies on the extent of the burn. If the eyelash has been affected or influenced by the burn and the hair follicle is not destroyed, your eyelash will grow back.

Nevertheless, if there is a chance that your hair follicle is damaged, it is possible that your eyelash will not grow again.

Does Eyelash Get Restored After Lash Extensions?

Naturally, eyelashes will fall off regardless of whether lash extensions are used. But, it will certainly grow back.

Nevertheless, too much use of quality adhesives or lash materials can lead to permanent and long-term eyelash loss. Many eyelash extensions contain a harmful chemical that alters the natural lashes and hair follicle.

These substances can cause plug pores and follicles which also attracts bacteria and then results in hair loss and infections.

Ways to Boost Eyelash Growth and Prevent Loss?

The treatments of eyelash loss rely directly on the cause of it totally. This is the reason why you have to discuss with your doctor if you have started noticing the fall of your eyelashes abnormally.

Your doctor can assist you in giving you the best diagnosis to know what causes your problem and discover solutions to it. Here are tips that can assist you to speed them up.

  • Eating healthy
  • Prevent the use of mascara and false lashes
  • Clean makeup before going to bed
  • Use eyelash growth products.

Above all, eyelashes do grow back and on average can take about 6 weeks. So be patient, focus and stay healthy.

Using Careprost to Grow Eyelashes:

The generic name for Careprost is Bimatoprost and is used to treat a condition where there an immense pressure in the eye of a patient which in some cases leads them to lose vision. This drug is used to open the channel of the eye which reduces the pressure of the eye.

It is used extensively to treat short lashes of a person by increasing the thickness and color of a person. The reduction in the pressure keeps a person away from losing sight. This solution is used once a day preferably in the evening. It is good to follow doctors’ advice regarding the dosage of medicine.

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In How Much Time Does The Eyelash Hair Grow Back?

It may take a few weeks or even months to get eyelashes to their full growth. It also depends on the severity of the conditions and may vary from person to person. If the damage caused is much, it may take longer than expected time. And If the damage is very severe the eyelash may not grow back, at all.

Can a Person Grow Their Lashes Back If They are Plucked From The Root of The Follicle?

When an eyelash is forcibly pulled out it will still follow the regular cycle of hair growth. The only difference is that it may take a longer period for it to grow back, especially when it is compulsorily pulled out from its place.

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