How Erection Problem May Impact Your Marriage Life?

Erectile dysfunction(Erection) doesn’t just affect men, the phenomenon can also magnify your sexual partner and marital relationship. Erectile dysfunction can be a devastating feeling for a man to face, and it can be difficult for both women and men to cope with this condition. Of the inability of men and women to have physical intercourse, […]

The Effects of Erectile Dysfunction on a Relationship

Weak erections can be a part of your disturbed married to those of single life. We are not letting you down but eventually bringing the reality to your life. A weakness in your life can be of many types, but erectile dysfunction is one of those which hampers men and make them weak. This weakness […]

How Anxiety Effects on Sexual Performance?

Sexual disturbance after the age of 18 can be a difficulty for men and women. The only way to come close to each other is the intercourse which makes spouses or an individual love each other. But what if you fail to do so? You might be taking it lightly or thinking off to get […]

Impotence Has an Effect on Relationships

Erectile dysfunction in men is one of the disturbing conditions called impotence. At this stage men who want to have intercourse are not able to perform. The condition rises due to the poor flow of blood where the penis does not get the ability to attain erections. In this manner, men here are not able […]

Advice For Sexually Frustrated Couples to Manage Erectile Dysfunction

Sexually frustrated couples are increasing day by day. But one of the top causes of frustration is not able to complete sex. Yet the underlying cause is weak erections. Men these days are surrounding themselves with weak erections; the condition is called erectile dysfunction. The condition in simple terms is known as impotence. Here men […]

When Positive Relationships Cause Male Dysfunction?

It doesn’t matter if things happen in your life like let’s say drinking too much alcohol or being too tired from too much work. If you suffer from such problems on a daily basis, you may think of this as erectile dysfunction, but if you take a look at your body, there is a good […]

Is Shilajit Effective in Treating Erectile Dysfunction?

For most men, shilajit’s benefits are confined to a boost in testosterone levels and better sexual health. Diabetes, obesity, viral diseases including dementia, and heart health are all greatly impacted by shilajit. Libido, and strength? You can get the potent Shilajit plant right out of the mountains, so there’s no need to settle for anything […]

Difference Between Erectile Dysfunction And Premature Ejaculation

Delay in ejaculation is defined psychologically as the inability to ejaculate during sexual activity. Interestingly, ejaculatory problems that only manifest themselves during masturbation are seldom labelled as a disorder. Therefore, the setting in which the issue arises is a crucial diagnostic inquiry for sex therapists to ask. How common is this problem while engaging in […]

Is anxiety a cause of erectile dysfunction?

Too much depression, anxiety, and stress results in many health issues. As per the resource, it has been found that all of these states contribute the majority of risk among individuals. However, these could hit anyone at present time (young or adult). So it is hard to determine who will come in contact with which […]

Strange Facts about Erectile Dysfunction

Erection dysfunction can be a nagging issue for men who are affected and the other people living with them. The condition, often referred to as ED can cause men to be unable to get or maintain sexual intimacy. ED can occur at any time and men are often prone to feel insecure because of it. […]