How to apply eye makeup step by step with pictures

how to apply eye makeup step by step with pictures

Using Latisse on your eyelashes

Using Latisse on your eyelashes

STEP 1. Eye using Generic Latisse ® every other night, make sure that your face has been cleaned, makeup has been washed away, and your contact lenses are off your eyes including any other face care goods that might have been applied already.

STEP 2. Take the Applicator Remover and the applicator of its platter. Then, start to hold the sterile applicator in a horizontal angle, place a single drop of LATISSE® gel on the region of the applicator whichever will be closer to the top but make sure you are not doing it on the tip.

STEP 3. Start applying the solution to your skin with the help of this Applicator. Quickly move the applicator correctly onward the skin at the bottom of your upward eyelashes (in which the eyelashes join the skin) starting from the inner part of the eyelash starting point reaching up to the outer part of the same. It is advised not to use it in your eye or even to the lower lid of the eye as the excess hair growth on the outer curve may occur due to this treatment solution.

STEP 4. Blot any extra eye solution exceeding the eyelid by using a fine tissue.

STEP 5. You will need to deploy off the applicator when it has been used once. Recur for your rother eyelid by using a fresh sterile applicator to further lessen any kind of potential chance of infection from your one eyelid to the other.

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Some of the very essential do’s and don’ts 

Some of the very essential do’s and don’ts

. • Never even attempt to apply to your lower lid of the eye or in your eye and also remember to sponge the unwanted excess liquid by using a tissue.

  • Just make use of the sterile applicators that come with the packaging with LATISSE® to utilize the product.
  • Do not let the point of the container or applicator to touch your fingers or even any of the other unintended body part, as pollution by household bacteria is known to produce diseases.
  • Take off your contact lenses ere using the LATISSE® eye drop. Contact lenses shall be reinserted at least 15 minutes afterward.

Applying Careprost Eye Drop on your lashes

Applying Careprost Eye Drop on your lashes

if you wish to obtain longer, fuller, and denser eyelashes you can do it with Careprost.

Most women on the planet desire to get as long, full, and thick eyelashes as they can just to look even more beautiful than they already are.

While we take a look at the pics of all celebs and famous models, we are always mesmerized and amazed by the fact that how long and perfect their eyelashes are which makes their eyes seem further adorable.

Nevertheless, it is with no doubt big strife for a lot of women to obtain such amazing eyelashes and extraordinary celeb-like look at their homes.

Clinically examined and accepted, the very famous and high-performance delivering serum known as Careprost Bimatoprost eye solution is known to be improving the overall look of your lashes and with no extra effort and only within a few weeks of the proper and suitable utilization.

Although it is this particular ophthalmic solution that is generally contemplated to be much safer for most people that intend to make use of it. The product has strictly been produced to be used under the strict supervision and guidance of a clinical expert.

How should you correctly apply Careprost? 

How should you correctly apply Careprost

Take note of the steps that have been mentioned below for how you shall apply this serum known as Careprost ophthalmic eye solution correctly with maximum effects that come with its application.

  • Once you buy your eye gel, the initial thing you must ingest is to take a look at its expiry date and make sure that your product is valid and is ready for use.
  • Cleanse your hands as well as your face by using a mild cleaner. Just damp your face by using a towel and rub it dry on throughout the skin.
  • Pick up your careprost bottle, shake the liquid present inside it thoroughly, and now remove the cap of your product.
  • Put a single drop of the gel on your applicator brush, that will come generally along with the packaging of the product. If your eye drops have not come with an applicator, then you may try to purchase a sterile and also a thin eyeliner brush to apply the liquid to the coverings of your beautiful lashes.
  • Avoid using the serum on your lower lash line as it may itself spread to your below lash at the time when you will flash your eye for a blink.
  • Now it is recommended to be very careful and subtly and appropriately employ this ophthalmic solution named Careprost Buy $10 with help of the applicator brush.
  • Following the use of the medication, you should close the lid of your eye. Save the serum in a cold and free of moisture place.
  • Rinse your hands full when you are done applying this eye drops for evading an undesired exposure of your peel to the infection.
  • Contemplate using the Careprost ere your sleeping time.

Some Side effects of daily usage of Careprost eye drops 

The Careprost eye medication in some cases might cause some sort of adverse effect which could or could not be severe. But this does not mean you shall take the side effects lightly. The daily use of the Careprost Eyelash product can result in the down below side effects:

  • Burning sensation in eyes will be felt after the application
  • Eye irritation will be felt once you start blinking the eye
  • Light sensitivity will be faced during the day time or even with the light bulb
  • Eye dryness may occur after some days of usage
  • Iris pigmentation is also possible, see a doctor immediately if you notice anything such.
  • Headaches will be prominent
  • Visual alterations might be one of the side effects you will encounter.
  • Conjunctival Edema is among the side effects as well.

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