Medicine for long lasting in bed

medicine for long lasting in bed

Erectile dysfunction or often known as ED is a condition in which a man is facing weakness while trying to grow and produce an erection that would be satisfactory for having good sex.

Begetting erection related difficulties from season to season is not significantly the primary consequence caused by stress. If erectile dysfunction or ED has become one of the primary issues of your everyday sex life, it may provoke tension, decay your self-reliance, and further add to your love life difficulties.

Problems in acquiring or sustaining an erection might likewise be an indication of an underlying wellness state that may require medication and may as well possess threat factors toward heart condition.

Tests you will have to go through for underlying conditions are inclusive of:

Tests you will have to go through for underlying conditions

  •     Physical exam. This test would require a precise analysis of Your penis as well as testicles and restraining your nervures for a response.
  •     Blood tests. A sample of your blood would be sent to a Laboratory to examine any signs of heart disease, diabetic issues, low testosterone level indication, and other health situations.
  •     Urine test: urinalysis. Like all the blood examinations, urine analyses are followed to recognize the symptoms of diabetes and several other underlying wellness sicknesses.
  •    Ultrasound. This ultrasound test is ordinarily done by a specialist In a hospital or a clinic. This test includes the use of a wand-like instrument (acting as a transducer) which is held over the hemoglobin arteries that are intended to provide hemoglobin supply to your penis.
  •    Psychological exam. Your physician would investigate or could also ask a few issues related to questions to screen for trouble and other objective subconscious circumstances of ED – erectile dysfunction.

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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment for Healthy Sexual Life

Treatment Of Erectile Dysfunction

The principal action your physician will perform is to ensure that you are obtaining the appropriate prescription for either wellness ailments that might be producing ED or making your erectile disorder issues worse.

It also depends on the conditions and austerity of the erectile dysfunction – ED and several other underlying fitness conditions, you may have to take a pick from numerous prescription options for healing your ED related problems.

Your specialist will certainly interpret the prospects and benefits of every procedure and will recognize your choices as well. Your spouse’s preferences may also play a vital role in your therapy alternatives.

Oral medications you can use for treating ED

Oral medications you can use for treating ED

Oral tablets have proved to be triumphant when it comes to the treatment of erectile ailment for a lot of men out there.

These pills include:

All those mentioned pills above are the medications that have shown results in the improvement in nitric oxide which is a natural substance that our body produces. This helps in resting the muscles present in the penis.

The process enhances the flow of blood and enables men to obtain an erection in the response to sexual arousal.

Among those medicines, there are some tablets available in the market that have achieved fame and are the popular ones among those men who regularly buy ED pills to heal their erection related issues. Such pills have proven helpful for a lot of men to let them last longer during a sexual session.

These medicines are:

Generic Viagra is a form of Viagra that you can get in the non-branded form, all the constituents of this medicine are the same as viagra.

Cenforce 100 is the most used dosage of the Cenforce pill which is used for the treatment of ED issues.

Fildena 100 is a popular dosage of Fildena tablets which is common among men who are looking for ED pills to get help regarding their ED issues.

Generic Cialis is the generic form of Cialis tablets that you can purchase at a cheaper price as compared to its branded form.

Vidalista 20 is a dosage of Vidalista tablets that have been most recommended by experts while prescribing ED pills.

What are the side effects of implementing this medication for erection disorders in men?

What are the side effects

  1. quick illness spreading
  2. there are chances of observing heart attack symptoms
  3. your every erection can be painful
  4. there will be a noticeable sound like ringing in your ears
  5. instant hearing damage
  6. queasiness
  7. too much sweating after minor activities
  8. you will start feeling chest pain more often
  9. conciseness in breathing;
  10. attitude change towards every situation
  11. immediate vision deterioration
  12. abnormal heartbeat might be felt throughout the day
  13. passing out.
  14. sever Headache will be felt mostly
  15. dizziness
  16. abnormal perception
  17. blurred vision
  18. wakefulness
  19. convulsion
  20. a light-headed sentiment
  21. Encumbrance
  22. soreness in the muscles
  23. back pain
  24. variations in color vision
  25. runny nose
  26. Flushing
  27. you may even feel Feverish
  28. redness in the tissues
  29. tingly response
  30. Nosebleeds during day or night
  31. sleep conditions will worsen
  32. disconcerted stomach in terms of digestion.

Warnings you must be careful about while you are using such pills for treating your ED issues:


  1. heart issues will occur from time to time, take all precautions related to it.
  2. renal troubles can be a dangerous thing so consult a doctor if you witness anything of such type.
  3. coronary infarction is something you need to care about
  4. you will witness an increase in heart pace and it could cause troubles
  5. sickle cell
  6. high or low blood pressure; which is not a healthy sign.
  7. liver problems will occur so you need to be careful about not drinking too much
  8. Peyronie’s condition
  9. a peptic abscess
  10. red blood cell ailment
  11. myeloma
  12. defect of the penis can be caused as well, it is recommended to seek doctors advise in such cases
  13. retinitis pigmentosa
  14. be aware as it may result in a cardiac arrest
  15. hemophilia
  16. coronary canal condition
  17. leukemia
  18. anemia
  19. hemorrhaging problem
There Are Several Medicine Cure Erectile Dysfunction


Cenforce 200 

Aurogra 100

Super P Force

Caverta 100

Vigora 100

Extra Super P Force 200 mg



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