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Cabanex (Cabergoline)

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):



Increased prolactin levels, Acromegaly


Eskag Pharma Pvt. Ltd


20 Tablets in bottle

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6 To 15 days

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Cabanex (Cabergoline) - 0.5mg

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Cabanex 1mg (Cabergoline)

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Ingest the drug under medical supervision

Defining Cabergoline

Cabergoline is employed for the treatment of surplus production of prolactin which is a hormone produced by your body. The production of the hormone in huge amounts occurs owing to unidentified reasons or abnormal growths taking place in the pituitary gland. This medication assists in combating infertility, bone loss, and sexual issues originating from superfluous prolactin production happening in males and among women who do not breastfeed their babies.

The drug is utilized by way of a second line therapy to tackle the symptoms and signs relating to Parkinson’s disease in conjugation with carbidopa-levodopa or by way of a sole agent in case of intolerance or failure of a non-ergot compound.

Prior to consuming this drug

You ought not to ingest cabergoline in case you are sensitive to it or in case you possess the following issues:
 Hypertension or high blood pressure
 A disorder of heart valve
 Fibrosis or too much tissue growth in the stomach, lungs, or around a heart
 Sensitivity to any kind of ergot medication like methylergonovine, ergonovine, ergonovine, ergotamine, or dihydroergotamine

Inform your physician in case you suffered from

 Preeclampsia, eclampsia along with hypertension because of pregnancy
 Heart problem
 Liver disease
It has not been yet established if cabergoline is dangerous to an unborn baby. Let know your physician in case you become pregnant or are pregnant.
While utilizing cabergoline, no breastfeeding is advisable.

How to consume cabergoline

 Your physician will carry out tests to ensure you do not suffer from conditions that can keep you away from utilizing cabergoline without harm.
 Tag along with the entire set of directions on prescription and go through instructions or guidelines. Your physician can at times adjust doses. Gulp down the pill in line with the directions.
 Cabergoline is generally consumed two times a week for a period of six months.
 It is not advisable to consume the drug on a daily basis unless the physician suggests it.
 You need to undergo blood tests regularly to evaluate the prolactin levels in your blood
 Store the drug under room temperature conditions clear of heat & moisture

Side effects of cabergoline medicine

Need to seek emergency medical assistance in case you notice symptoms of any kind of allergic reaction:
 Inflammation of throat, tongue, lips, face or difficult breathing

Inform your physician instantly in case you go through the following signs

 Cough or hack or chest pain
 Shortness of breath in lying down position too
 Pain in lower back or sides
 Feeling of light-headedness such as you may faint
 Inflammation in feet or ankles
 No urination or little
There can crop up enhanced urges for sexual intercourse, abnormal gambling urges, or several strong inclinations while consuming the drug. Let know your physician if it happens.

Several usual side effects are

i. Drowsiness
ii. Headache
iii. Dizziness
iv. Exhausted or feeling weak
v. Constipation
vi. Nausea
This does not make the entire record of side effects, there can be various other effects too.

Cabergoline Uses

What is the drug is prescribed for?

Cabergoline is advised to cope with hyperprolactinemia. This state of health usually sets in when pituitary gland discharges too much prolactin.

The menstrual cycle, breast milk production, and ovulation are several physiological states on which the drug exercises its impact. It may bring about sexual and reproduction difficulties among men. This medication can be employed to beat Parkinson’s disease.



The commencement of its action

The quantum of time necessitated by this remedy to exhibit its efficacy has not been clinically confirmed.

Effect lasts for

The medication exhibits its effectiveness for seven to twenty-eight days.

Taking with alcohol

Big no to the consumption of alcohol while ingesting the drug because it can enhance the possibilities of drowsiness, dizziness, and loss of concentration.

Do not undertake any activity that demands high focus such as handling heavy machinery or driving.

Habit forming propensities

Not reported so far.

Pregnancy & cabergoline

This remedy is thought harmless for pregnant women. Be acquainted with its upsides and glitches.

Breastfeeding and cabergoline

It is not advisable to consume during breastfeeding years


The drug is not safe for patients who are allergic to cabergoline or several constituents found in it or sensitive to some ergot alkaloids.


Cabergoline is not for people ailing with hypertension owing to the great risk of intense cardiovascular hostile effects.

Warnings in general

Hepatic dysfunction

Utmost care needs to be exercised while utilizing this medicament in patients who are ill with liver diseases because of an amplified risk of harsh hostile effects. Carry out careful scrutinizing in such cases.

Utilization in kids

It is not suggested for administering among kids.

Lactation suppression

Cabergoline must not be ingested to suppress the production of milk because it can augment risks of seizures, stroke, and hypertension.

Missed Dose

Intake missed a dose at what time you remember it. In case it is time approaching very close to your next dose, leave out missed dose. Remember not to double the dose to compensate for the missed dose.


Get instant medical care if your ingest overdose.
In different persons, all drugs show different reactions. Know about interactions from your physician prior to beginning the drug regimen.
In different Interactions

Interaction with other drugs

• Lorcaserin
• Sodium oxybate
• Erythromycin
• Clarithromycin

Disease interactions


Cardiac valvular ailments

The utilisation of cabergoline in people ailing with heart valve ailments is not advisable. Such patients need to undergo cardiovascular evaluation ahead of commencing therapy with cabergoline. Patients require informing the physician concerning the entire medical chronicles and states previous to embarking on the drug regimen.


Utmost care is suggested to take while utilising this remedy in patients ailing with Parkinson’s disease and people who happen to ingest hypertension pressure medications owing to the amplified dangers of hypotension at the time of rising from sitting position or lying. Close watch on blood pressure levels is compulsory when taking this medication.

People are warned to stand up or rise slowly from lying or sitting positions to stay away from these incidents.


Necessary warnings for patients having psychotic incidents in the past are compulsory owing to augmented dangers of deterioration of the state of the patient. Keep watch on the behaviour or mood changes in such patients.


 Sleepiness may occur
 You may consume it without food or along with food as per doctor’s advice
 Needs to be ingested in line with physician’s instructions

The working of cabergoline

The medication diminishes the quantum of prolactin in the pateint’s body by hindering the surplus production of it in the pituitary gland.

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Cabanex 1mg


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