What home remedy can I use to get an erection?

What home remedy can I use to get an erection?

Many people suffer from the problem of erectile dysfunction. erection can be treated with home remedies too.

However, the other therapies are vacuum pumps, injections, surgery, prescription medicines, and implants.

Erection can be diagnosed easily by a medical professional. You can interact with the doctor and tell them your problem.

You can try natural treatment therapies. The various ways are exercise, counseling, acupuncture, lifestyle modifications, diet changes, use of dietary supplements, and herbal remedies.

There are many signs of erectile dysfunction. They are Cardiac disorder, diabetes, stress, excess weight, side effects, smoking, use of alcohol, depression, low testosterone, stroke, and injury to the penis.

Various approaches will help to deliver therapy for erectile dysfunction signs. You can discuss benefits and risks.

Various home remedies that will help to get the erection are:


if you have depression and stress then the therapist will provide counseling.

The counseling helps to increase performance and sexual desire. You will learn various ways to tackle stress related to relationships, work, and finances.


It is a Chinese and ancient method in which thin metal needles are inserted into the body.

The needles are applied at certain important points in the body leading to energy flow and reduction of tension.

Various researchers prove that this method is quite useful and safe in the case of erectile dysfunction.

Also, it is proved that there are fewer risks linked with treatment. If your problem doesn’t get rectified and is going on for a long time then you can take Suhagra under the doctor’s supervision.

Supplements and vitamins-

You can consume vitamins as a remedy for erectile dysfunction.

Arginine– It covers an amino acid that chains augmenting the mixture of Nitric Oxide.

The blood vessels get widened and augment the flow of the blood in the penis.

The research has indicated that people with a low synthesis of Nitric Oxide demonstrated improvisation in sex performance after consuming L-Arginine.

DHEA- Testosterone is an important hormone for libido and sex function.

DHEA is an OTC supplement that converts testosterone and estrogen. The enhanced quantity of testosterone reduces erection signs.

Ginseng- It is widely used for male sex function and impotency. So, you can take Ginseng and increase the function of erectile dysfunction.

Yohimbe- it is taken from the African tree Yohimbe. The doctors prescribe it to individuals with erectile dysfunction.

However, you must take it under his guidance as it leads to certain side effects like headaches and jitteriness.

Research on a small scale has proven that Yohimbe is taken by males suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Horny goat weed- It is an herb that is given to a patient with an erection. You can also take Fildena XXX as medicine for getting relief from erectile dysfunction.

It is an OTC herb that can be found in capsules, tea, tablet, and powder.

Other supplements that support reducing Erection signs are maca, Rhodiola Rosea, and ashwagandha.

Diet and food-

Obesity and vascular health are essential causes of impotence. You must reduce weight and make positive changes to your diet. You can take food like:

Dark chocolate- The circulation and flow of the blood in poor way results in an erection. The antioxidants help to increase vascular circulation and signs of erectile dysfunction.

You will get flavonoids in dark chocolate. It reduces blood pressure and cholesterol which results in impotence.

Milk chocolate doesn’t have antioxidants and is rich in sugar. So, you must avoid eating milk chocolate.

Pomegranate juice- High blood pressure and cardiac disease resulting in an erection.

Certain clinical studies stated that drinking antioxidant juice will provide relief in cardiac disease and blood pressure.

Pistachios- The individual suffering from impotency may consume Pistachios. It has arginine, an amino acid that relaxes blood vessels.

Shellfish and oysters- It has a high quantity of Zinc and poses an essential role in the synthesis of testosterone.

Watermelon- It has lycopene that supports relaxing blood vessels. Some researches show a link between sex function and watermelon.

Beets and leafy green vegetables- Celery, beets, and spinach reduce the signs of erection. Beet is rich in antioxidants and nitrates. It supports to get relief in erectile dysfunction.

Pink grapefruit and tomatoes- It has lycopene which is a good remedy for circulation. You should eat it with oily foods.

Caffeine- It plays an essential role in the erection by increasing circulation.

Eggs- The deficiency of Vitamin D increases ED. The patients can consume eggs containing Vitamin D. The cheese and milk also has Vitamin D.

Apple Cider Vinegar- The apple Cider Vinegar improves ED patients in males.

You can dissolve two spoons of vinegar in water. You can also consume apples, cranberries, tea, onions, peanuts, and red wine.

Lifestyle modifications-

The blood vessels get narrowed down as a result of smoking. Alcohol is a depressant. The alternations in lifestyle improvise flow by heightening the quantity of nitric oxide.

You must practice meditation, exercise, and sleep better. Also, you can stop smoking and reduce the use of alcohol.

When to seek a doctor’s advice?

If you are not getting any improvement from the above-mentioned home remedies then you must take Vidalista 40 Cialis as per the doctor’s consultation.

You must take care and use herbal remedies in case of ED. However, FDA has not recommended using herbs but you can use generic Viagra to improve ED outcomes.

So, you can buy medicines from an authentic online medical store. You will get various cashback offers and bank discounts.

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