What is erectile dysfunction?

What is erectile dysfunction

ED: What is it?

  • Males who are unable to endure satisfying sexual intercourse with their partner because they can’t hold or resist their erection strong enough. It is also called impotence among men, although this term is not as common today.
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  • The occasional occurrence of erectile dysfunction is not uncommon, a lot of men experience it due to stress or to other ongoing harsh circumstances in their daily lives.
  • It is important to address any rectal dysfunction at some point or another to a medical professional to determine its cause.


  • It is very common for males to lose their erections during sensual intimacy.
  • Additionally, there are many people who believe men with erectile dysfunction are incapable of raising an erection.
  • These guys also experience strong sensual stimulation when they are exposed to such situations. 
  • Additionally, people with acute erectile dysfunction cannot raise erections completely.
  • An erection is commonly achieved and quickly lost.
  • In addition, losing erection during sex is usually caused by a variety of factors, just like more severe forms of erectile dysfunction.
  • There are also psychological reasons for these conditions. 

How do Erections work?

It is our blood circulation that controls erections. At the time of stimulation, blood rushes into the penis as a result, erections are formed.

Erectile dysfunction cause

  • ED or Erectile dysfunction or is a common symptom experienced by males when experiencing sensual intimacy.
  • Erectile dysfunction is often associated with men who can’t raise their erections.
  • These guys also experience strong sensual stimulation when they are exposed to such situations. 
  • Nevertheless, the severity of erectile dysfunction varies from guy to guy.
  • Additionally, people with acute erectile dysfunction cannot raise erections completely.
  • An erection can also be achieved and immediately lost.
  • A number of factors contribute to losing erection during sex, including those present in more severe cases of erectile dysfunction.
  • Additionally, there are psychological and physical factors at play. 

1. Physical

  • Also, your blood pressure, weight, and heart health are affected.
  • Aside from that, these factors will influence your erection’s power and consistency.
  • In addition, men may suffer from high blood pressure, blocked arteries, or heart issues.
  • If you are in unhealthy conditions, then you may get soft penile erections.

2. Psychological

  • A male can feel uneasy from this type of anxiety before or after penetrating sex as well.
  • Your erections are negatively affected by this anxiety.
  • You will also be influenced by watching pornography if you view it whilst erection-sustained.
  • Pornography can also be associated with sensual disorders, according to a huge amount of research.
  • Furthermore, the condition may negatively impact stimuli, sexual stimulation, and responsiveness.

Erectile Dysfunction treatment

1. Medicine

One of the most common, successful, and popular treatments for erectile dysfunction for most men is oral medication.

Some of these include:

  • Sildenafil (marketed under the name Viagra)
  • Tadalafil (Cialis, Adcirca)
  • Levitra, Staxyn, and Vardenafil (marketed under these names)
  • The drug Avanafil (or : Stendra)

Nitric oxide, present in the human body in small amounts, is a natural chemical that produces a relaxation effect on muscles in the penis, made possible by medications such as Cenforce 100, Cenforce 150 Red Pill. In response to the sexual intimation, muscles relax allowing more blood to flow, the result of which is the penis getting erect.

Consuming any of these medications; Cenforce 200 mg, Buy Fildena Online, Super P Force Pills; will not automatically result in erections.

Medication was taken by others

  • Erectile dysfunction may also be treated with these medications:
  • The artificial kidney will be injected with albostatadil using a needle. Caverject or Edex will be injected onto the side of the male sexual organ. There are a few cases where medicines are prescribed for other reasons and are used as penile injections together, for instance, alprostadil and phentolamine.
  • Bi-mixes and tri-mixes of search drugs are open combinations but not known by these terms.

Know more:

2. Talk therapy

When you experience erectile dysfunction due to depression, anxiety, or stress, you may want to check with your doctor. Your doctor may suggest seeing a sex counselor or psychologist so that you can learn more about this condition.

3. Vacuum pumps

 You need to slip a tension ring in the lower portion of your penis when you get erect; this will hold the blood in and keep the direction from throughout. You may remove the vacuum device after doing that.

Natural treatment

1. Herbs and supplements: There are various herbs that can help in getting rid of ED. Some of these include coffee, fruits, veggies, etc.

2. Acupuncture: It is a very easy and long-term effect-causing treatment.

3. Massage: Massaging the pelvic area can help in improving blood circulation in the body.

4. Exercises: The results of recent research have shown that aerobic exercises, particularly moderately risky ones, can relieve problems associated with erectile dysfunction.

The risk of occurrence of ED – erectile dysfunction – can be lowered even with less vigorous, steady workouts. The more time you spend doing an activity, the lower your risk of erectile dysfunction might also be.

A key to being healthy is being active.

5. Erectile dysfunction foods

Chocolates, pomegranate, garlic, apples, etc are very essential to keep these erections better.

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Erectile dysfunction tests

There are four most common medical tests used to diagnose ED:

An individual may submit a blood sample for a blood test that will be sent to a laboratory for testing diabetes, testosterone levels, heart conditions, and other health problems.

Erectile dysfunction and diabetes

Diabetes can make ED adverse. Hence, cutting on sugar is necessary.

Risk factors

Obesity, high blood pressure, smoking, and alcohol consumption can increase your chances of getting ED.


If you have an unhealthy diet or a very sedentary life then you are more susceptible to ED.


  1. Walk daily
  2. Eat healthy diets
  3. Skip sugary diet
  4. Do not consume excess fats
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