How to Overcome Sexual Anxiety?

You will fail due to anxiety in intercourse which is supposed to be enjoyable. If you’re thinking you’d like more love in your life, find out what may be causing you anxiety about your partner’s sexual support and here are some helpful tips to keep yourself healthy. If you meet a new girlfriend or your […]

Erectile Dysfunction Psychological Causes Is in Your Head?

Sometimes we are not able to define what is kicking us inside. Your mental condition physical, and in turn can get disturb can make the condition worse in turn can also be the reason. There people need to stay happy and fit. Usually due to poor lifestyles, people these days are coming across with several […]

Impotence vs. Erectile Dysfunction

In fact, these are negotiable steps that determine a man’s inability to get or hold arousal for long periods of time or Erectile Dysfunction during your threesome. Whatever you describe the condition as, it’s a devastating physical condition that can take the joy out of a relationship. This can lead to hopelessness and infertility. But […]

Erectile Dysfunction Can Be Treated With Hormone Therapy

As a potential treatment for feebleness, hormone treatment has appeared a part of the guarantee. Ponders have appeared to argue that there is a relationship between low testosterone levels and ED. Hormone substitution treatment can offer assistance in reestablishing typical hormone levels and decreasing the side effects of erectile issues. Hormone treatment is an alternative […]

How Erection Problem May Impact Your Marriage Life?

Erectile dysfunction(Erection) doesn’t just affect men, the phenomenon can also magnify your sexual partner and marital relationship. Erectile dysfunction can be a devastating feeling for a man to face, and it can be difficult for both women and men to cope with this condition. Of the inability of men and women to have physical intercourse, […]

Amlodipine helps erectile dysfunction

What is the purpose of amlodipine? Amlodipine is an antihypertensive medicine. Cardiac attacks, strokes, vascular disease, and kidney damage are all micro-linked to high blood pressure. Reduce the chance of getting these illnesses by using amlodipine for high blood pressure management. Amlodipine’s mechanism of action? This medicine decreases blood pressure. It makes the process easier […]

Can diabetes cause erectile dysfunction

“Even when illnesses like early-stage diabetes have no obvious symptoms, it’s easy to ignore health concerns. It’s possible to have a healthy sexual life even at a young age by managing your blood sugar levels, but what if I told you that this was the case?” questions Houston Methodist urologist Dr. Nathan Starke, a specialist […]

Fruits for erectile dysfunction

Let us start by telling you about the fruits that aid with erectile dysfunction before we get into the specific fruits. You can’t treat or get rid of this illness by eating. Men with erectile dysfunction, however, may benefit greatly from a proper diet. Even if you consume these fruits and feel better afterwards, you […]

Taking viagra without erectile dysfunction

Phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors are a class of medicines that are frequently prescribed and misused in the United States. Viagra (sildenafil), Cialis (tadalafil), and Levitra are better known. It’s almost difficult to avoid seeing their ads unless you don’t watch TV at all. Only males with erectile dysfunction should use Suhagra and other phosphodiesterases 5 inhibitors […]

How to avoid erectile dysfunction on steroids

Many people seek to achieve the perfect body by building muscle, working using heavy weights, and using steroids specifically to increase the anabolic muscles training. In the long term, it is beneficial for men since it boosts testosterone’s natural production and makes them physically strong, leaner, and more sexually enthralled. But, they will also use […]