Amlodipine helps erectile dysfunction

What is the purpose of amlodipine? Amlodipine is an antihypertensive medicine. Cardiac attacks, strokes, vascular disease, and kidney damage are all micro-linked to high blood pressure. Reduce the chance of getting these illnesses by using amlodipine for high blood pressure management. Amlodipine’s mechanism of action? This medicine decreases blood pressure. It makes the process easier […]

Can diabetes cause erectile dysfunction

“Even when illnesses like early-stage diabetes have no obvious symptoms, it’s easy to ignore health concerns. It’s possible to have a healthy sexual life even at a young age by managing your blood sugar levels, but what if I told you that this was the case?” questions Houston Methodist urologist Dr. Nathan Starke, a specialist […]

Fruits for erectile dysfunction

Let us start by telling you about the fruits that aid with erectile dysfunction before we get into the specific fruits. You can’t treat or get rid of this illness by eating. Men with erectile dysfunction, however, may benefit greatly from a proper diet. Even if you consume these fruits and feel better afterwards, you […]

Taking viagra without erectile dysfunction

Phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors are a class of medicines that are frequently prescribed and misused in the United States. Viagra (sildenafil), Cialis (tadalafil), and Levitra are better known. It’s almost difficult to avoid seeing their ads unless you don’t watch TV at all. Only males with erectile dysfunction should use Suhagra and other phosphodiesterases 5 inhibitors […]

How to avoid erectile dysfunction on steroids

Many people seek to achieve the perfect body by building muscle, working using heavy weights, and using steroids specifically to increase the anabolic muscles training. In the long term, it is beneficial for men since it boosts testosterone’s natural production and makes them physically strong, leaner, and more sexually enthralled. But, they will also use […]

Exercises to Eliminate Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem for many men, especially as they age. ED can be caused by a variety of factors, including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, low testosterone, and other physical conditions. ED can also be caused by psychological issues and problems with blood flow. There are many options for treating ED, including medications […]

How long does temporary erectile dysfunction last

It might be difficult to acquire an erection and to maintain an erection long enough to enjoy satisfying, joyous sex when you have erectile dysfunction. Anxiety over sexual performance, alcohol use, or the use of certain medicines may all contribute to short-term or even temporary erectile dysfunction. Here are the most important things to know […]

Causes of erectile dysfunction in 20s

Especially true for men, who are always expected to “perform.” However casual your date may be, you should nonetheless carry some kind of protection in case sex does occur. If people don’t have condoms on them, unprotected sexual activity might lead to unwanted pregnancies or STDs. However, erectile dysfunction may afflict boys in their teens […]

Vitamins for erectile dysfunction solution

Erectile dysfunction can be alleviated with the use of various vitamins. Erectile dysfunction has different methods to help men. But all they worth? Can men easier stabilize their condition? Since the condition can make men become weak and not able to achieve hard erections. This makes the entire sexual course fail and also disturbs the […]

What is the main cause of erectile dysfunction?

Poor erections are the condition that makes men not able to complete sexual courses. Men due to poor health come in contact with various health issues, on top, it is erectile dysfunction. As we stated that there are different reasons for erectile dysfunction namely- The main reasons are stress, anxiety, and also depression. Due to […]