Best Skincare Routine: Remedies for Healthy Skin in Youth

Best Skincare Routine: Remedies for Healthy Skin in Youth

We have all been very fond of putting our best face forward but sometimes it may feel like your skin is quite tough to manage. Your skin may be dealing with wrinkles and pimples at an early age. Changing hormones and the peer pressure can be tough to deal with, in young age but, above all, a good, healthy and beautiful skin is possible with proper skincare. Solution to blackheads, acne, zits and even sensitivity in skin is nothing less than a good skincare routine and healthy lifestyle.

Teen skin vs. Adults skin:

When human body reaches the stage of adolescence, they naturally go through plenty of transformations. Let’s understand them first:

Structural changes

Skin maintains its renewal process in childhood and it significantly drops in teenage. Teenage is the time when skin has not lost its elasticity and can repair and regenerate rapidly. It is the age when there is lot of collagen found in the facial skin. In adults, the same collagen production is decreased and leads to skin problems like fine lines, wrinkles and sagging.

Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes are seen in the teenage with an increased production of sebum and oil. Sweat traps and oil can build up and reside within your skin cells.  It often leads to multiple skin problems like acne breakouts and clogged pores. In adults, same problems can start but are comparatively lesser. Women may develop more skin problems due to menstruation and pregnancy when hormonal changes are common. They can be leveled off with healthy diet and proper treatment of poor health conditions.

Why is teen skincare important?

Teenage is the time when the body has already started planning for a change. Proper skincare at this time can help stop problems of premature aging. Motivation for proper skincare and use of correct products that can match with your skin type is the key for an effective skincare routine. You can book for cosmetic treatments like Botox at Genericvilla.

Common skin problems and their solutions:


When the skin pores are clogged with the oil called sebum, responsible for the lubrication of the skin and the hair, acne starts. In young age, when the skin is making too much of sebum, acne is a common problem at the time of puberty.

What should you do?

Wash your skin with the help of mild soap and clean water. It may be tempting to pop the pimples but it should be avoided. Lot of scrubbing and washing can also irritate the skin and cause pimples. Makeup should be taken off before going to bed to avoid acne breakouts. Hair should be cleaned regularly and skin must be protected against sun damage.

Cold sores

Cold sores show up as lip blisters and are usually caused from virus HSV-1. This virus can stay in the human body for little longer. Virus causing the lips blisters is usually transmitted through saliva and nose.

What should you do?

Avoid getting them by avoiding the sharing of lip balms, drinks and toothbrushes that may cause blisters in lips. They can also start with sun exposure, sickness and stress hence you should eat healthy food and improve sleep pattern. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen can treat blisters. Stay away from acidic meals.


It is a skin problem that leads to red, dry and itchy skin. People who are getting it often also get itchy rashes often. Symptoms may differ from one to another but it is usually found in knees and elbow bend, neck and faces.

What should you do?

Harsh soaps and perfumes should be avoided. Moisture should be used to keep dryness and itching away. Fabrics that you wear should be skin friendly and cotton is the best preferred. Keep a check on makeup brands and keep away from stress.

Other skin problems

Warts can be prevented by keeping distance from people who have them. They can also start at sensitive areas and hence treatment should be started soon.

Molluscum contagious are another type of viral infection similar to warts and it can easily spread from one to another through sexual contact and scratching.

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Stretch marks identified as Purple lines and fine white lines are also among common skin problems in youth. When the tissue beneath the skin has been pulled by stretching or growth, it can cause stretch marks.

Good health for good skin

Following well balanced diet plan with more fruits and vegetables is crucial for maintenance of good skin. Oily meals and sugar should be cut short. Foods that are filled with good and useful fats like nuts, avocadoes and salmon are beneficial.

Opt for a lifestyle that is healthy and disciplined. Take enough sleep, meditate, exercise and consume lots of water. The health of your skin depends on your overall health. Avoid stress and improve lifestyle to include healthy habits.

Best takeaway points for good skincare routine

  • Make sure that your skincare is simple, consistent and doesn’t involve too many steps in a go
  • Keep washing your face often
  • Use products that are not known to block pores
  • Sunscreen is a must in each season
  • Start with one acne treatment at a time rather than trying too many in one go
  • Wash out makeup before going to bed – mandatory for a good skincare
  • Wash the fabrics you come into contact with as they can contaminate skin when not laundered often
  • More water intake is suggested for a good skincare. The idea is to stay hydrated and get rid of skin and many other health problems
  • Take extra care for sensitive skin
  • Touching, scrubbing and picking of pimples can increase its appearance and formation so it should be avoided

Clean and healthy skin is not just a vital requirement for beauty but is also important for survival. Proper skincare routine and techniques can help in keeping your skin glowing. Eat well, do lots of exercise and keep stress away to get a stunning look in not just young age but also years later.

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