How Much Cholesterol in Men Sexual Health Ought One to Have Normally?

Cholesterol lеvеls and men’s health crеatе a complеx wеb that is vital to sеxual wеllnеss.  Problеms like erectile dysfunction might arise when blood circulation is obstructеd due to еlеvatеd cholesterol.  Maintaining cardiovascular health and, by еxtеnsion, optimum sеxual pеrformancе, dеpеnds on a carеful еquilibrium bеtwееn “good” (HDL) and “bad” (LDL).  Undеrstanding this complеx connеction highlights […]

What food works like Generic Viagra?

Can food increase sexual stamina? Have you ever tried any food and experienced the result? Or have you tried to find out which food is best for increasing sexual drive? All of these answers will be solved here. As the increasing sexual drive is one of the common practices among spouses. However, in the treatment […]

How to stop getting erect so easily?

Erections are known to be healthy and they are normal. With the help of erections, it becomes easier for men and women to carry on sexual life. But when there is difficulty in attaining erections sexual life can be complicated. At present time it becomes difficult for some men to come up with erections. But […]

How Many Years Can You Take Cialis?

Can You Take Cialis Tadalafil being an active component in Cialis, is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Also, there are many users of Cialis and is mainly it has delivered proven results. But often there are thoughts as to how long does it can be taken? Erectile dysfunction is one of the conditions […]

Can Bowel Problems Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Yes, you have noticed it right that men with bowel problems such as Irritable bowel syndrome have high probability to have erectile dysfunction. Irritable bowel syndrome is a situation that influences digestion and the large intestine. The signs vary from individual to individual like abdominal cramping, pain, constipation, bloating, and diarrhea. It is quite unpredictable. […]

Why Men Suffer From Erectile Dysfunction?

Now Erectile Dysfunction affects all men no matter the age is within 20 to 30 or older the age between 40 and 50. It is also reported that the chances of suffering from ED may increase with age because it is mainly an age-related problem. There are various factors that play behind Erectile Dysfunction which […]

Erectile Dysfunction Should Not Be Ignored

Men do not realize at times how important strong erections are. It helps in the contribution of the strong sexual course and hence a healthy relationship. Now, what if you have developed a weaker condition? In this case, you start losing your confidence, feel depressed or worried. But despite getting troubled or stressed you should […]

What effect do smoking and drinking have on ED?

Lot many causes which can be related to your physical and physiological can be the reason for ED. If you have not still tried to find out or you are just affected by the case try to go for a diagnosis. As a man, it is not helpful for you to be weak against your […]

Garlic For Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation like many others is described as one of the sexual problems. Here men suffer from unwanted weakness and are unable to complete the course. To this men who are under 40 are more often under the condition. It means there is a need to take proper control and withstand strong erections. To accompany […]

7 Yoga Poses for Long Lasting in Bed for Male

Yoga Practice for Impotence Cure and Its Benefits Here comes the 7 yoga poses for lasting erections and to maintain sexual relationships. 1.Uttanapadasana 2.Paschimottanasana 3.Kumbhakasana 4.Dhanurasana 5.Naukasana 6.Shavasana 7.Garudasan Read:- Can exercise treat erectile dysfunction?