Everything you need to know about flibanserin

Everything you need to know about flibanserin

Know About Flibanserin:

Five ways which prove that Female Viagra is different than Viagra for men because it impacts the brain rather than your body.

Viagra has known to exist for about 17 years to cure men suffering from erectile dysfunction. After trying this drug for enjoyment (recalling the character of Samantha Jones from the series Sex and the City), nothing could fill up the place all these years. The ancient methods to increase the sexual intensity by Oysters which contain dopamine, a hormone that helps to build up libido.

The sex drive could be increased by feeding an oyster during your foreplay routine. But women at least deserve to have their own form of the blue pill. The advising committee for the FDA recommended the use of flibanserin which is Viagra (Femalegra) for females. This medicine helps to increase sex drive in women. According to a report by ABC, about 50 million women suffer from erectile dysfunction. So, it’s time to bring an extensive change in that.

Finally, on 18th August 2015, the use of flibanserin was officially approved by the FDA. The market name for flibanserin is Addyi and has been available in the market since 17th October 2015.

Flibanserin known as female viagra is the same as the viagra for men in a way that helps increase the sexual urge in women. The time before and after menopause is a dry spell (decrease in a libido), thus flibanserin helps retaining back the sexual desire.

The way Viagra for males and flibanserin work is completely different. Flibanserin is a completely different drug (such as Cenforce 100, Vigora 100) from Viagra for men in many ways. Given below are five different ways which state how flibanserin is different from viagra for men.

  1. The color of these pills is pink, not blue

    It never hurt anyone to get a little stereotypical in terms of medicines. The blue color of Viagra indicates that it’s for men, and so the pink color for flibanserin makes complete sense(we all know women like pink). It is impossible to find any lady who hates pink.

  2. It needs to be consumed daily

    Men take Viagra an hour before they plan to perform a sexual activity (although even three to four hours before, my work) which can be considered inconvenient, knowing that the chance of getting an erection after taking the pill, could be any time after that. Flibanserin, on the other hand, needs to be taken to maintain high libido, which is a kind of responsibility, but you gotta do it for your own good.

  3. This medicine has an effect on the brain rather than the body

    Viagra, as we know, is used by men who experience erectile dysfunction. It helps to stimulate the blood in the penal area which then leads to an erection. Viagra causes a physical change in a man’s body. Whereas Viagra (Kamagra 100) takes charge of the brain. It helps in the release of dopamine, serotonin and other neurological enzymes which help to increase the sexual urge in women this making your life sexually active.

    Viagra works on a simple principle, with the intention of getting an erection in the penis. On the contrary, flibanserin changes the psychological aspect of the brain by increasing the sexual urge(also acts as an antidepressant).

  4. The side effects caused by this medicine are not that severe

    We’ve seen in the commercials of Viagra and Cialis (Vidalista 20) that doctor’s consultation is very important if the erection lasts for more than 4 hours. This side effect is just the least one out of all. The other major side effects caused by Viagra are decrease or complete loss of sense of hearing and sight, severe pain in the chest, vomiting, limb swelling and many more.

    On the other hand, the side effects caused by Flibanserin are minor like not being able to sleep during the night (sleeplessness) and other side effects like the sudden lowering of blood pressure and loss of consciousness come into play with the combination of medicine with alcohol. Definitely not as severe as worrying for an erection that lasted for more than four hours.

  5. The problem-solving ability of flibanserin is lower than Viagra

    Flibanserin has been introduced into the market recently. Psychologists have to the conclusion that the problem-solving ability of Flibanserin is quite low. The rate of success for Viagra may vary from 48 to 81, all learning on the complexity of erectile dysfunction. Since a women’s sexuality is a deep concern and only medication may not be a proper cure for it.

    A clinical psychologist namely Judy Kuriansky who is a certified sex therapist revealed some facts in her interview with CNN. She said that it’s not like you are going to feel a sudden change after taking the pill. For that, a woman needs to feel psychologically good about herself and her body. It also matters whether your partner loves you or not because that can cause a drastic change in your condition. It’s completely different from taking pills to get the erectile disorder. It’s more complicated than that.

    Another study done in 2013 written in The Sexual Medicine journal stated that women consuming flibanserin for about four weeks have shown an increase in sexual activities by an amount of 2.5 times more than before, while those taking placebo has seen an increase in satisfying sexual activity by an amount of 1.5 only. So, psychology is the most important in the advancement of sexual urges in women.

It does not, in any way mean that females feeling low sex drive should not make use of flibanserin. It may or may not work for every woman just like any other drug.

To summarize it all, we can briefly say that the following points help us in distinguishing Flibanserin from Viagra

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