Foods That Are Good For Your Erection

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We all have a habit of eating whatever we want depending on the mood. There are very rare times when we eat while keeping a specific body part in mind. The one important to know is that whatever we intake, goes into our body and benefits the part which needs it.

Food such as carrots and apples are known to be good for the prostate and should be made a habit to eat for keeping your penis healthy. There are many food choices that one can accommodate in their daily diet which does not just target a specific area but also targets your body as a whole. These foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients which enables the penis to function properly.

Such a diet does not just improve the health of the penis but is also concerned with problems such as heart diseases, fat burn, and hormonal imbalance, etc.

Incorporate Spinach which boosts Testosterone

Spinach is known to be one of the richest sources of Folate which is known to boost the flow of blood. In a male sexual life, Folic acid plays a critical role and it’s a deficiency of it can cause Erectile Dysfunction. Eating spinach will fulfill 66% of the regular folic acid intake which makes it quite rich in nature. Apart from Folic Acid, spinach is also rich in magnesium which is used to increase the flow of blood while improving the testosterone level at the same time.

How does it help Penile Health?

  1. It has a good content of Folic Acid which prevents the causing of Erectile Dysfunction
  2. It contains magnesium which is known to increase the level of testosterone in the body
  3. Having a cup of coffee for better sex life: Some studies show that people who are in a habit to drink two to three cups of coffee on a daily basis can prevent Erectile Dysfunction because of the presence of caffeine.

Caffeine is well known for improving the flow of blood by relaxing the muscle around the penis which helps in a better flow of blood into the penis.

How does it affect the Penile Health?

  1. It is known to improve the flow of blood into the muscles as well as arteries
  2. It is used to prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Apple which prevents the causing of prostate cancer:

Apple is known for its overall health benefits. One of the advantages of eating an apple is that it is advantageous for the health of your penis. Apple peels are known to actively contain a drug called Ursolic Acid. This acid is known to decrease the formation of prostate cancer and in some cases prevent it altogether.

There are other vegetables and fruits which can be beneficial such as berries, grapes, turmeric, etc. which are known to prevent the cause of Prostate Cancer altogether.

How does it affect the Penile Health?

  1. It is known to contain an active ingredient that starves the cells causing prostate cancer.
  2. Men who have an active intake of vegetables and fruits are better survivors of Prostate cancer

Increase your libido by in taking Avocados:

Years back, the avocado tree was known as the testicle tree by Aztecs. Avocadoes are rich in potassium, fats, vitamins, etc. and are a great source to improve your mood. It contains zinc and vitamin E that are known to positively affect male fertility as well as the sex drive of the person. Zinc is known to increase the quality of sperm while increasing the level of testosterone as well.

How does Avocadoes help Penile Health?

  1. It contains Vitamin E which is known to increase the quality of sperm
  2. The quantity of zinc helps in increasing the level of testosterone.

 Including Chili Peppers to enhance the bedroom activities:

Men with more chili intake are known to have a higher level of Testosterone. This does not mean that chili pepper increasing the level of testosterone but increases the chemical named capsaicin which has its own set of advantages.

Apart from that pepper also releases endorphin which helps in releasing a happy hormone known as endorphin.

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How does it affect the Penile Health?

  1. Men who are more used to spicy food have a higher level of Testosterone.
  2. It also helps in the release of Endorphins.

 Carrots for Penile Health:

Carrots are known to increase the sperm count which further increases the motility of the sperm, making it healthy.

How does it affect the Penile Health?

  1. It is known to increase the rate of fertility in men
  2. Carotenoids which is responsible for giving the color orange to the carrots are known to improve the motility and quality of sperm.
  3. Oats

Oats are known to be the sexiest food and are beneficial form men in order to reach orgasm. Amino Acid which is found in oats is used to cure Erectile Dysfunction.

How do Oats affect Penile Health?

  1. Amino Acid is known to relax the blood vessels in the body which decreases the chance of Erectile Dysfunction

Tomatoes are known as Penile Health Trifecta:

Tomatoes can be used in a variety of ways. Tomato contains lycopene which is used to prevent prostate cancer in the first place. They are also known to increase the quality of sperm while being beneficial for male fertility.

How does Tomato affect Penile Health?

  1. It helps in the prevention of Prostate Cancer
  2. It improves the motility of the sperm
  3. Is used to increase fertility in men

All these foods, apart from being beneficial for Penile health also help in the overall functioning of the body.

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