Why you should not feel ashamed of your erectile dysfunction?

Why You Should Not Feel Ashamed of Your Erectile Dysfunction

The condition is defined as inability to sustain or obtain an erection for long enough to allow for a satisfactory sexual intimacy.

Erectile dysfunction, commonly referred to as impotence, is for many males it is the most embarrassing problem to discuss with their loved ones family, friends and even their doctor.

Healthcare professionals might not be able to start these discussions due to their own embarrassment, ignorance of experience, or lack of time. If the health professional is embarrassed, it will only increase any shame felt by the patient.

The adverse consequences associated with ED are often devastating, and impact relationships, confidence in one’s self, and the mental health of the person suffering. A lot of men consider that being able to perform in a professional manner is the foundation of their manhood, and when that ability is gone, it means they are becoming less masculine. This could lead to issues in the relationship.

But erectile dysfunction is more widespread than the majority of males (and women) might realize and is a problem that affects up to 50% of males between 40 and 70.

The Reasons behind Erectile Dysfunction Issue

The cause could be physical in origin and psychological in nature. As for the psychological causes, there are relationship issues, depression, and stress as well as among the possible physical causes are diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and hormonal imbalance issues.

Other causes could be the use of prescription medications like antidepressants and hypertensive (drugs to treat high blood pressure) as well as smoking and being overweight. Also, we should consider whether the levels of testosterone in the sufferer are lower than what they ought to be.

What are Erectile Dysfunction Signs?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can be a sexual issue that makes it difficult to keep an erection strong enough to have sex or keep it up while engaging in sexual activities. ED is a common routine when having sex, so should you be aware of an issue, you must go to a sexual therapist.

There are many myths surrounding male sexual issues and the way they perform in society. The truth is more dangerous than actual ailments at times. It’s high time for us to be rid of these illogical myths that create many worries and hamper the management of real illnesses.

It is essential to acknowledge the symptoms as well as symptoms of erectile dysfunction in time to ensure we receive appropriate treatment. An individual who is suffering from erectile problems will suffer from one or more of these signs:

  • You’re not able to have an erection.
  • Even if he does get an erection, however, he’s not able to keep it for long
  • Less sexual desires
  • The person is depressed and suffers from anxiety.

Why we need to discuss erectile dysfunction with others?

In spite of the embarrassment, there are valid reasons to seek medical advice and help when erectile dysfunction has been experienced. The reason is that ED is considered to be a benign condition because it’s non-life-threatening and may indicate an underlying illness.

ED is often due to prostate cancer or cardiovascular diseases such as diabetes, stroke and prostate cancer. If we delay seeking assistance from a doctor, we are at risk of these underlying issues not being identified at a sufficient time to be effectively treated.

In research of those who had suffered a heart attacks, it was discovered that a significant percentage of them had experienced erectile dysfunction prior to the heart attack.

The lesson of this tale is that men shouldn’t delay their appointment with a doctor for a discussion of erectile dysfunction concerns.


After putting aside the shame over this issue, there are now various solutions that are suggested by your doctor and there’s no reason to be silent.

If the doctor discovers any undiagnosed disease responsible for an erectile dysfunction, the first thing to do would be to treat the underlying cause with aurogra 100mg. This could include stopping smoking cigarettes and losing weight.

If, after the underlying problem has resolved, the patient continues to experience symptoms of ED there are additional treatments that could be looked at i.e., malegra 100mg.

If the likely reason for your ED is psychological. The genericvilla could recommend psychosexual counselling with a sex counsellor. If the reason appears to be physical then we might consider offering one of the many drug treatment options that are available today.

This includes the PDE inhibitors that comprise sildenafil (Viagra) and Vardenafil (Levitra) and Tadalafil (Cialis). All these recommended ED medications is not good for those having problem of heart disease or taking nitrate drugs. But for a vast amount individuals, these medications are believed to be miraculous drugs that can help bring back their capacity to live an enjoyable relationship and, in doing so improves self-esteem of the person suffering and also brings peace to what could be a difficult relationship.

Lifestyle modifications

The public must be aware that lifestyle changes are a great way to stop ED.

  • Regular exercise and aerobics may be beneficial.
  • Alcohol and smoking consumption should be controlled as well.
  • This condition can lead to anxiety, stress, or depression. You should consult counselors or psychologists.

People avoid consulting an expert and instead opt to purchase creams, supplements, and so on which are readily available on the market. However, they could be unsafe. Before you use any of these products, make sure you consult with your doctor, particularly those with chronic health issues,” the doctor concludes.

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