What is the Latest Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction?

What is the latest treatment for erectile dysfunction
  • Not keeping up or able to last erections for long, the inability occurs in men and is named Erectile Dysfunction.
  • The case not seems to be rare and is mainly due to various reasons. To some of those are-

            Increases with age

            Due to poor health

            Unhealthy habit (smoke, alcohol and illegal drugs)

  • At present time you can easily find many treatments available.
  • Be it with oral dose Cenforce 100 blue pill, natural remedies or advanced medical procedures.
  • Also, every man does possess a different body and so as conditions. Erectile dysfunction can be mild to strong.
  • But in every case, you as men will be unable to withstand the hard erections.
  • Now and then researchers are looking for new and advanced methods to cure ED.

The new treatments are available in the form of:-

  • Oral medicines  
  • Creams
  • Injections
  • Stem cell therapy
  • Device development
  • Shock Wave Therapy

All of the above inventions are in advanced mode. No doubt they all have come up with the best treatments. But on regular basis, there are more and more new additions are being done. For ED oral treatment has always been considered as the first line, this means it can cure conditions fast. Here, Fildena 100 Purple Pill which is the oral dose contains sildenafil citrate. It allows the blood to reach the penis and generate hard erections. Now, this let us begin with the new treatments which are developed for ED (impotence).

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What is the Latest Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction?

1.Oral medicine

  • Many oral drugs are available for erectile dysfunction treatment.
  • As it is stated that Super P Force is the oral dose are considered to be best.
  • This means oral medicines are considered to be valuable.
  • They after reaching the body can easily generate strong erections for 4-5 hours long.
  • This ensures no gap or breakage in between the sexual course.
  • Also, these drugs belong to the class of PDE-5 inhibitor which relaxes the muscles and allow proper flow of blood.
  • There are multiple oral doses which are mentioned above that are FDA approved.
  • Hence they can be easily taken before 30 minutes of the sexual course.
  • Further, when a man is hit with ED it is not an easy phase to withstand with. Along with ED much insecurity are built.
  • Hence one must not lose their hope and reach the desired treatments.
  • Here oral doses are considered always the best and safe.
  • They come in tablets and with various strengths like Cenforce 150mg, Cenforce 200mg and hence can easily develop hard erections.


  • Talking about creams, it has been seen that in Europe specialists recommend creams for ED cure. Also, it is known as the secondary treatment.
  • There is a presence of alprostadil but here you need to be taken care of.
  • It means not all medications and procedures are approved by FDA.
  • So you must reach a doctor to consult and then make use of it.


  • Injecting platelet-rich plasma into the body helps in repairing the tissues and growing the blood vessels as well.
  • It has been researched that the treatment PRP could be easily the one to cure ED.
  • Besides this there are continuous researches are being made to help men with ED.
  • This means there will be no more pain and embracement to be faced by men.

4.Stem Cell Therapy

  • Stem cell therapy could also be a promising ED cure in future.
  • On being continuous research is being made.
  • There are many reasons for being men to encounter ED, however, one of those could be damage of endothelial cells.
  • This indicates that men will not be able to achieve hard erections.
  • Therefore the treatment stem cell therapy could be the one to assist strong erections.
  • The therapy could easily proliferate the endothelial cells and improve erections.

5.Device Development

  • Device treatment mainly involves highly deprived medical procedures.
  • This includes vacuum devices or penile implants.
  • However in the case of medical procedures these devices are not new.
  • But these procedures can cost you a bit high and are painful as well.
  • Therefore these treatments are never the first choice among men.
  • It is mainly because they cannot be afforded by all men easily.
  • Hence the cure can be the second choice for many men.

Shock Wave Therapy

  • Penile can also undergo shock wave therapy, and it has also been able to reach a higher approach.
  • The treatment was able to reach its peak and it is all mainly because of its result.
  • The therapy involves low-intensity sound waves with the erectile tissues.
  • However, the ultimate goal is to improve blood flow.
  • When the flow of blood will reach appropriate to the penis in turn can easily acquire strong erections.
  • However, it is not still the approved method by researchers.
  • But it is slowly and gradually coming into the peak to cure ED.

Reach doctor to ensure your medical history

  • Men at some point do not look for their health and also undergo some unhealthy habits.
  • However, the case where some unwanted conditions can arise.
  • Now in this case it is necessary to go with one to one checks and medical concerns.
  • If you have difficulty in maintaining erections or you are losing interest in the course then consult a doctor.
  • On the other case if you are unable to last erections for long.
  • Then and there considering doctor advice is very important.
  • Consider talking to specialists and land to the right cure.

Where to Purchase ED Medicines Online?

  • It is always considered to take an oral dose at first, the reason is mainly that the oral dose is the right cure.
  • It helps men in giving strong erections for long hours.
  • Every medicine can be purchased online easily now and so as ED medicines.  
  • Here, being a reliable and secured online pharmacy Generic Villa is the one-stop for you.
  • We assure all of our medicine is FDA approved and also deliver the desired results.

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