What is the main cause of erectile dysfunction?

What is the main cause of erectile dysfunction?

Poor erections are the condition that makes men not able to complete sexual courses. Men due to poor health come in contact with various health issues, on top, it is erectile dysfunction.

As we stated that there are different reasons for erectile dysfunction namely-

The main reasons are stress, anxiety, and also depression.

Due to some underlying health conditions like heart, diabetes, liver, kidney, etc.

With the intake of certain illegal medicines containing nitrates.

Due to certain lifestyles or poor health due to smoking, or drinking.

Many such conditions can help men to undergo weak erections. If left untreated then it can have a direct impact on your relationship and your health as well.

Among all of these mental health can have a direct impact on your weak erections. Let us give you detailed information about them.

Mental Health Play Role in Causing ED (Impotence)

A problem in men’s mental condition is one of the most devastating factors for causing ED. Erectile dysfunction is the rise of many such conditions and those are mentioned below-


Stress contributes to problems among many men. If you tend to remain stressed for a long time or you are in the state for a quite long time then you need to take care of it. Erectile dysfunction is the onset of stress and hence there are different practices to cure it.

With different practices, ED can be treated like Fildena 150Yet another oral dose to help men. Hence if you want to normalize your sexual health then one dose will be effective.

On the other hand when it comes to relieving stress then you must try to perform yoga, meditation, and also exercises. This will help you to stabilize your condition and also help you to relax your brain and health.


Not being able to perform in bed is one of the thoughts that men often undergo. But if you are arsing the particular thought then you can land into anxiety.

Increased levels of anxiety could lead to weak erections and trouble performing in bed.

So it is better to adopt the right practice beforehand.


Having frequent or often arguments can lead to losing interest in sex. Also when any such condition rises some differences tend to begin within spouses.

If you want to carry your relationship then you need to be cool and relaxed. In this way, you can enjoy your sexual course for a longer time.


Depression is found to be the root of erectile dysfunction. Although men can easily cure ED with Tadalafil that can help men to perform longer in bed.

The oral dose of ED belongs to the class of PDE-5 inhibitors and helps to deliver desired treatment for Erectile dysfunction. Besides this, some lifestyle factors also help in the rise of erectile dysfunction.

Lifestyle Factors Do Have a Contribution

To have sound and safe sex, you need to be stabilized. By this, we mean you need to be healthy and able to achieve erections for long hours.

In turn, you will be able to keep a hold on hard erecting power.

But some men are not blessed to have such a strong state. In this way, Super Vilitra is one of the desired assistance for men.

Before going to have sex consume the dose for 30 minutes. You will be able to last for about 4-6 hours long.

Besides this, you do have to take some necessary cure to land in the right zone. As many lifestyle factors can make your sexual condition worst.

Unhealthy way of living

Having a lot of unhealthy food, and not performing day-to-day exercise or yoga is the problem among men. At times due to busy schedules, men do not get time to live up to their expectations.

Hence this is called the main reason for various health issues. In turn, this leads to different issues and one of those is erectile dysfunction.


It is OK to smoke and drink occasionally but when it turns out to be in habit problem arises then and there.

Men are often involved in the habit and turn land into many problems. However, weak erections rise due to excessive intake of alcohol and smoke.

Intake of illegal medicines

Combining your health medicines with illegal doses can have a bad impact on your health. If you are in continuous use of cocaine and marijuana then you are impacting your health very badly.

On the other hand, you will lose your ability to erect and that is very painful. But if you have started facing such an issue then consume Viagra 100.

This is the medicine that was first introduced for controlling Erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, try to quit all of your bad habits to stabilize your condition fast and easier.

ED can be a cure but all you need is to land on the right practice. Therefore we will here also let you know what are the best ways to cure Erectile dysfunction?

Can Impotence Be Cured?

Erectile dysfunction cannot be fully controlled but it can be taken under control best with the help of an oral dose.

The condition can be due to many reasons, and all of those are listed above. So here, if you are undergoing any symptoms or signs then you can reach Generic Villa online.

You can easily get affordable generic medicines. In turn, we deliver FDA-approved medicine so you will not hamper yourself in between your sexual course.

Further, if you are looking to have any assistance then you can reach our customer support 24×7.

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